LDTR – WG0029 ESP8266 ESP-12E D1 WiFi BLUE

200 kr

Type: WiFi Development Board Module Model: LDTR – WG0029 Development Board Compatible with Arduino / NodeMCU

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ESP8266 ESP-12E D1 WiFi Development Board Module Main Features: ● This is a new version of the high-performance 2.4G WiFi development board based on the ESP-12E and CH340G ● Compatible with Arduino, you can use the Arduino IDE directly ● Compatible with NodeMCU. It makes you easier and faster to complete the project of WiFi remote home appliances ● Wireless upload program available. Based on the mature and popular ESP8266 technology. You can take advantage the abundant resources available on the web ● It has built-in USB TTL serial with super reliable industrial strength CH340G for superior stability on all supported platforms

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