Mouse Joystick For XBMC Home Theater+ USB IR Remote Raspberry Pi

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Product description:
Wireless remote control , Internet , listening to music , watching movies and convenient. Let your raspberry pie menace. Receiver for the USB interface, no driver, plug and play. Remote control with mouse function keys operate 360-degree use of conductive adhesive responsive, more convenient time to play with XBMC.
Hold WIN98, WINME, WIN2000 WINXP, MCE Windows 7 compatible with Windows, Windows Vista operating system, etc.Support almost all of the player software on the market. (such as WinDvd,RealPlayer, Winamp, MediaPlayer, PowerDvd, IE, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
Features :
USB port, plug and play , no driver
4 custom program shortcuts,
Each shortcut can be set to start three programs ,
on the remote control with mouse
about Remote control distance of 10 meters
is compatible with almost all media player softwar
is compatible with all operating systems above Windows2000
compatible Windows XP, MCE, Vista operating system.
Teaching demo: like the powerpoint slide presentation on the big screen TV.
Network TV: do not install a satellite dish , you can also watch hundreds of TV network stations .
may be a variety of popular remote control software, network television , such as : PPlive, FastTV, PPS,, STTV …
1 , the USB cable into the USB port of raspberry pie , automatically after a successful installation , you can use the remote control ;
2 , open the battery cover , the new battery into the battery compartment according to the polarity . And replace the battery cover ;
3 , click any key. Remote control red lights. To work.
4 , the use of generally aligned usb receiving end, the receiving angle range is 45 degrees , 10 meters from the receiver ;
Key Description :
Power key: with the Power key on the keyboard ,
Through the «Desktop Properties / Display Properties / Screen Saver / Power / Power Options Properties / Advanced» tab
» Power button » to set its function as follows: Standby / Sleep / Shutdown ,
A, B, C, D buttons : custom program shortcuts, shortcuts program will set the corresponding shortcut keys , you can open the key
Procedures. Each button can be customized to open the three programs.
Program shortcuts shortcuts shortcuts 1 2 3 Shortcuts
A Ctrl + Alt + A Ctrl + Alt +1 Ctrl + Alt + F1
B Ctrl + Alt + B Ctrl + Alt +2 Ctrl + Alt + F2
C Ctrl + Alt + C Ctrl + Alt +3 Ctrl + Alt + F3
D Ctrl + Alt + D Ctrl + Alt +4 Ctrl + Alt + F4
For example, set the music shortcut keys :
Step One: Select the music player software , right-click – Properties
Step two: Enter A shortcut bar in the Properties window becomes Ctrl + Alt + A
Step 3: Click to confirm.
After setting press the A button to start the music player
Left drag : Left hold / release for the mouse to drag windows, files , etc.
Digital Lock : Digital / direction button function switch
Click the button after 0-9 digital input key , and then click the arrow keys function returns
Technical parameters:
Receiver Interface: USB
Remote control battery: button battery a
Remote Control: Wireless remote control
Remote distance: 10 meters
Support system: Support WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, WINXP, WIN 7 compatible Windows MCE, Vista operating systems and other operating systems . Almost all support the market player software . ( Eg WinDvd, RealPlayer, Winamp, MediaPlayer, PowerDvd, IE, Word, PowerPoint , etc. ) .
1 , completely out of the shackles of the keyboard and mouse , full-function remote control operation.
2 , built-in support for up to 20 of merchandise direct remote control software , it covers almost all of the popular media player and media center software tools , and constantly updated , XP can also be a powerful media center.
Clear remote control panel , blue circle button remote control for the mouse wheel , quite flexible , the following «L» key and the «R» key and the right mouse button , respectively . Functions and mouse to the top left corner , like … the power off button , press this button is equivalent to turning off the power , turn off the computer. Remote control, each key has its own features, see also identified key figure its function.

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