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1000ml 29 32 sett

2,250 kr

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Ett sett på lager med 2 liter flaske med flat bunn. Extraction apparatus,Soxhlet with coled condenser and ground glass joints,Flask capacity

G3.3 borosilicate glass
1000ml,Glass Soxhlet Extractor W/Graham  Coil Condenser,One 2L Flat Bottom Flask 

Glass soxhlet extractor
Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus:60mm and 29/32
Extraction Body: 60mm female joint at top, 29/32 male joint at the bottom
Graham Condenser: 60mm male joint at bottom
Flat bottom Flask:2000ml 29/32 Single neck
Regular wall thickness

made of G3.3 borosilicate glass.
This borosilicate glass with low linear coefficient of expansion is ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware.
Annealing Point ——560℃
Linear Coefficient of Expansion —— 32×10-7/℃
Softening Point ——820℃

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