3D Printer Parts Auto Leveling Sensor Adjustment Film Module

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3D Printer Parts Auto Leveling Sensor Adjustment Film Module
Compatibility is strong, compatible with almost all 3D printer main control boards
– It can be applied to a variety of 3D printer;
– Simple to use and easy to maintain;
– Easy installation, it can be used for a variety of 3D printer upgrades without any replacement parts, no need to debug; the default trigger distance is 0.1mm;
– High precision, leveling repeatability can be positive and negative 0.05MM
– Anti-interference ability, from the platform material; ambient light; environmental temperature and humidity and so on
– Long service life of the average number of more than 500,000 times

Package includes:
1x 3D Printer Leveling Sensor Module
1x 2pin Plug
1x 3pin Plug
1x 2pin Cable
Auto leveling adjustable module is prohibited to use when nozzle temperature is higher than 45 degrees.
Auto Leveling» can automatically detect the compensation value between the print platform and the print nozzle according to the parameters that has been set and use the software to achieve the leveling.

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