Banana Pi BPI RGB 1602 LCD Keypad Shield

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Banana Pi BPI RGB 1602 LCD Keypad Shield LCD Display Module Blue Screen With I2C Keypad Shield LCD1602 

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The RGB1602 Display module is specifically designed for Banana Pi. The module with 1602 LCD screen and it communicated with Banana Pi with I2C. In addition there are six programmable key and RGB LED on the module. User can use Python or C(wiringPi) to drive the module with simple and less code.
1602 LCD screen RGB LED on board 6 programmable single key Communicate with I2C Can be controlled by the program backlit lights out
Port Banana Pi connection port Product Parameters Working voltage: 5.0V ASC II string can be sidplay 4 wire to drive the 1602 LCD screen Use MCP23017 to expand IO

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