BIQU BX Extruder H2 V2S Lite

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6 Reasons to choose H2 V2S Lite

1. Looks Good. Does Good

  • Hollow-out design, enjoy the beauty of gear driving.

2. High Flow

  • 45mm³/s to meet the fast printing needs.

3. Remarkably Lightweight & Better Heat Disppisation

  • Lightweight as low as 175g.
    A better airflow dissipates heat better, too.

4. Dual Gear Feeding & Adjustable Tension

  • 7:1 gear ratio, 7.5kg maximum extrusion force, smoother feeding.
    Adjustable filament loading tension to better suit flexible filament.

5. Labor-Saving Lever

  • Easy to control the in and out of filaments.

6. Quick Detach Heat Break

  • Remove the heat break with a hex key, easier and more convenient.
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