Bondtech CHT Vol Coated Brass Nozzle 0,6mm

299 kr

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These are nozzles for high flow applications

Increase the Max Volumetric Flow of your Volcano heat block by 50%

They are manufactured by Bondtech in-house,
and will fit the following blocks/printers:

  • E3D Volcano blocks
  • Other Volcano type blocks
  • Artillery Sidewinder X1 and X2
  • Anycubic Vyper
  • FLSUN Super Racer
  • Artillery Genius Pro
  • Anycubic Kobra and Kobra Max
  • Lulzbot TAZ MOARstruder
  • Others compatible with Volcano…

    ALERT : Avoid Cold Bondtech CHT Nozzles Change

    Heat up the heat block up tp 280C, or at least above 250C, before removing or tightening any Bondtech CHT nozzle. Use at most 1.5 Nm torque.

  • Requires 6mm wrench
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