DC-DC adjustable step-down 5A 75W

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XL4005 DSN5000 Beyond LM2596 DC-DC adjustable step-down 5A 75W

DC-DC adjustable step-down power Supply module  ,5A Large current 

Areas of application:

DIY mobile power supply, car power, communications equipment power supply, etc.

input voltage:5V-32V

output voltage:0.8V-24V

output current: peak 5A (more than 3.5A work need to strengthen The cooling)

Conversion efficiency:90%



The step-down module can easily reach 4 a, 50 w, add heat sink can reach 75 w, under the condition of extremely high price!!!!!Modules window: 5 a high-power high efficiency low rippleModule performance and features:Module properties: the isolation step-down module (BUCK)4-38 v input voltage: (please try not to exceed 38 v input)Output voltage: 1.25-32 v continuous adjustableOutput current: 0-5 A, it is recommended to use in 4.5 A.Output power: it is recommended that use within the 75 w, more than 50 w please add heat sink.Working temperature: – 40 ~ + 85 degreesWorking frequency: 180 KHZConversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiency and the input, output voltage, current and pressure difference)Load regulation: S (I) 0.8% or lessVoltage regulation: S (u) of 0.8% or lessPower light: yesShort circuit protection: (limit current 8 a)Overtemperature protection: (overtemperature after automatic shut off output)Input reverse connect protection: no, (such as the need to please in the input string into the high current diode)Installation method: 2 3 mm wire the self-containedConnection mode: welding, V – IN for the input, V – OUT for the outputModule size: 23 mm, 18 mm long 54 mm wide



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