Distance Measuring/Obstacle Avoidance Set

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Ultrasonic Distance Measuring/Obstacle Avoidance Module+Bracket for Arduino

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Voltage: DC 5V Static current: less than 2mA Level Output: High:5V;Low:0V Detection angle: no more than 15 degrees Detection distance: 2cm-450cm Precision: 3mm
Connection mode VCC, trig(control end), echo(receiving end), GND
Basic working principle Distance is measured by IO port trigger, give at least 10us high level signal; The module automatically sends eight 40khz square wave and automatically detects whether a signal returns; When a signal is returned, a high level will be output through the IO port ECHO, the time gap between transmission and returning of ultrasonic is the duration of high level. Test distance = (duration of high level*sound speed (340M/S))/2;
Scope of Application Robot obstacle avoidance / distance measurement / level detection / public security / parking lot detection

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