Keyestudio Complete RFID Starter Kit For Raspberry Pi 4B

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Kit For Raspberry Pi 4B/ 3B / ZERO  +40Projects /Linux & Python &C Language Programming (Not included RPI Board) Dette kan sendes 2 uker etter påske tidligst.

Raspberry Pi, whose official system is Raspberry Pi OS, is a small-sized card computer. In addition, you could install other systems like ubuntu and Windows IoT.

This starter kit is very suitable for zero-based Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

It can be taken as a personal server and router. You could get a camera monitor by plugging camera to it, equally, the voice interactive function could be achieved if microphone and speaker are connected with Raspberry Pi.

Unlike the ordinal computers, 40 pins of Raspberry Pi are extended to interface other sensors, modules and motors.

Through this kit, you can learn more about the knowledge of linux operating system, as well as C language programming based on the debian system of Raspberry Pi.

This tutorial is to control all kinds of electronic components and Raspberry Pi via Python.
This Raspberry Pi Complete RFID Starter Kit is produced for Raspberry Pienthusiasts.You could acquire the knowledge of Linux, Python and other

programming, as well as the application of sensors/ modules.

We control Raspberry Pi and electronic components via C language.

Keyestduio  Complete  RFID Starter Kit  :


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