KEYESTUDIO W5500 Network Ethernet Shield Module

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( FOR ARDUINO MEGA / UNO ) Keyestudio W5500 network shield comes with W5500 network module as core.
It can make as simple Web server, or write and read the High/Low level of digital pins, or analog value of analog pins via network control.
It is compatible with both keyestudio UNO R3 and Mega 2560 R3 development board.
When using, stack the W5500 shield onto UNO board, and upload the program to control board, which can make a simple Web server.
You can quickly make your controller access to internet to build your network application.
At the same time, it also supports mini SD card(TF card, maximum storage 1G) read and write.
You can direct stack the W5500 Network shield onto control board, or stack other expansion boards on this Network shield.
The shield has four 3mm fixing holes, easy to mount on any other devices.
Input voltage: DC 5V
Working voltage: DC 3.3V
Working current: about 380mA
Maximum power: 3W
Working temperature: -55℃ ~ +75℃
Network transformer interface type: RJ-45
Female header pitch: 2.54mm
mini SD card/TF card storage: Maximum 1G
TF socket: self-popping
Fixed hole diameter: 3mm
Dimensions: 65mm*50mm*27mm
Weight: 25g
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