LED 4-Digit Tube Display

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LED 4-Digit Tube Display (D4056A) Module with Decimal Point for Arduino DT

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The module is based on a decimal point display module, it displays four digital tube (0.56 inches), and driver IC is TM1637, only two signal lines can make MCU control four Digit 8-segment LED. Can be used to display decimal, letters and so on. 4 digit red alpha-numeric display 8 adjustable luminance levels Power Supply should be 3.3~5.25VDC Interface level can be 5V or 3.3V 4 screw mounting holes whose diameter is 2.2mm A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards
Item Min Typical Max Unit Power Supply(VCC) 3.3 5 5.5 VDC Current(@VCC=5V) — 30 80 mA Dimensions 5.7X2.3X1 cm

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