Loddetinn 2m Long Solder Soldering Wire 0.8mm Lead Free 3% Silver

100 kr

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Selges i 2 meter lengder uten rull og ikke hele rull
JAPAN MADE. High Solderability and Reliability Comparable SnPb Solder. SPARKLE ESC is a cored wire solder for lead-free applications and offers excellent wetting characteristics that are equivalent to SnPb solders. SPARKLE ESC enables you to introduce lead-free solder Into your products with minimal process changes. [Length] 2 Meters (NOT 1KG! the green spool in the picture NOT include) diameter: 0.8MM Model: M705-F3-ESC [Alloy] Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 Melting temperature: 217-220 °C rosin content: 3% Package include: Solder wire a 2m.

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