Long Range 433MHz RF Wireless Transceiver Antenna Large Power 433 MHz Transmitter Receiver Module

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433 MHz Transmitter Receiver Module LORA Kit for Arduino

The kit includes one pair of transmitter and receiver modules and one pair of spring antennas for increasing the communication distance.

And the frequency is 433MHz. It is very popular for remote control systems, such as wireless doorbell, remote control rolling gates, smart car, smart home, etc.

About transmitter module

– Compatible with Arduino

– Library : VirtualWire

– Working voltage: 4 – 12VDC

– Working current: 40mA

– Transmit power: 27dBm@12V (large power)

– Working frequency: 433MHz

– Transfer rate: 4.8kbps (max)

– Transmission distance: When supply poower is 5V, the open area transmission distance can be increased to 100 meters. The supply voltage is larger, the transmission distance farther.

– Antenna: Onboard 433MHz dedicated PCB Antenna.

About receiver module (rectangle shape):

– Compatible with Arduino

– Library : VirtualWire

– Operating voltage: 2 – 5.5VDC

– Working frequency: 433MHz

– Working Current: 2mA

– Sensitivity: -110db

– Antenna: Onboard 433MHz dedicated PCB Antenna

– Great for DIY project.


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