Micro SD Storage Board Mciro SD TF Card Memory Shield Module SPI For Arduino

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Micro SD Storage Board Mciro SD TF Card Memory Shield Module SPI For Arduino
SD Card Module Accessories Micro SD card module SPI interface mini TF card reader
Baby Description:
The module (MicroSD Card Adapter) is a Micro SD card reader module, through the file system and the SPI interface driver, SCM system to complete the file to read and write MicroSD card. Arduino users can directly use the Arduino IDE comes with an SD card to complete the library card initialization and read
Module features are as follows:
1 Support Micro SD card, Micro SDHC card (high speed card)
2.-board level conversion circuit, namely the interface level for 5V or 3.3V
3 power supply is 4.5V ~ 5.5V, 3.3V voltage regulator circuit board
The communication interface is a standard SPI interface
5.4 M2 screw positioning holes for easy installation
Interface Description:
Control Interface: A total of six pins (GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS), GND to ground, VCC is the power supply, MISO, MOSI, SCK for SPI bus, CS is the chip select signal pin;
3.3V regulator circuit: LDO regulator output 3.3V for level conversion chip, Micro SD card supply;
Level conversion circuit: Micro SD card to signal the direction of converts 3.3V, MicroSD card interface to control the direction of the MISO signal is also converted to 3.3V, general AVR microcontroller systems can read the signal;
Micro SD card connector: self bomb deck, easy card insertion.
Positioning holes: 4 M2 screws positioning holes with a diameter of 2.2mm, so the module is easy to install positioning, to achieve inter-module combination

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