Micro Swiss MK10 0.4mm kit

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Quality Micro Swiss .4mm MK10 Hotend Nozzle 1.75mm kit Upgrade 2 Parts Stainl…

MK10 Hotend Nozzle kit Upgrade for CTC Wanhao D4&i3 Creator pro Dreamer Finder Guider more…
The Kit:  Very High Quality Stainless Steel/Aluminum Hotend Material.  The kits comes with the pictured nozzle cleaners in a protective case.  Get back to printing quality prints in just minutes by inserting the bit in a heated nozzle.  A simple twist and pull out motion will clear the nozzle passage.  Repeat the process 2x and get back to printing!
Model: Micro MK10 Nozzle kit
2 Micro Drill Bit Nozzle Cleaners with protective case
Stainless steel .4mm Nozzle – high lubricity wear resistant nozzle
Stainless steel thermal tube (threaded)
Aluminum Cold Thermal Tube (upper part)
• FlashForge Creator Pro
• FlashForge Creator X
• FlashForge Dreamer
• Dremel Idea Builder
• PowerSpec 3D Pro
• PowerSpec 3D X
• Wanhao Duplicator 4S
• Wanhao Duplicator 4X
• Wanhao i3
• Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2
• Cocoon Create 3D Printer

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