NF-V6 PT100 Volcano Plated Copper Heat Block For E3d Volcano

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The Plated Copper is our NEW ‘One to rule them all’ Heating Block, made from a High-grade Copper. We have also added a layer of hard, slick nickel plating which provides a fantastic balance of cost and wear resistance.This copper alloy is very temperature resilient, and will not start to soften or anneal until way beyond 500°C, making it perfect for the high-temperature 3D printing that other Heating Block can’t handle. Copper has more than 3x the thermal conductivity of brass, and the copper alloy we use has been hardened and treated to reduce the oxidation that occurs in copper at high temperatures. The higher thermal conductivity will also slightly increase your heat-up times, and can provide tighter temperature control. Model: E3D Volvano Suitable nozzle: M6 Screw thread Size: 24*20*11.5mm

Package List:

1*NF-V6 PT100 Volcano Plated Copper Heat Block 1*NF-V6 PT100 Volcano Silicone Socks X 1 (Gift)

Note:Silicone Socks only 280℃

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