Nichicon 470uF 25V 470mfd MUSE KZ Audio

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Series:Nichicon MUSE KZ



25V470UF 16X25MM

Foot pitch:8mm,Copper feet.


Best for Coupling to Headphones?

Test: XRK971 Pocket Class A amplifier board

coupling amp to 50 ohm headphones

using Sennheiser HD598

Nichicon Muse KZ
value tested: 25V 330uF*
Nice. These are quite detailed, with a beautiful, jangly midrange and sparkly treble that gives an incisive «electric» sound to the upper ranges. Vocals really jump out and grab my attention so that song lyrics have excellent intelligibility. The overall presentation is ever so slightly on the hot/forward side of neutral, with a hint of upper mid harshness, but the overall timbre is natural, with enough treble to give an open soundstage. Metal strings and percussion sound right. This size gives impactful, fast, and detailed bass with my 50R cans. With these, I never feel like I’m missing any detail whatsoever, and I wouldn’t say the soundstage is huge, but certainly bigger than either Elna. They’re lightning fast, and darn revealing.


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