OMG V2S NEMA 14 MOTOR 0,9 step angle

549 kr

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Stepper 36 Motor 12v 24v Nema 14 Step Angle 0.9° For OMG V2 3D Printer Extruder 95g ASPINA Shinano
Need set Motor Drive 0.6 vref

ID: SST36C1080-16

Step angle:0.9°
36 step motor, Nema 14
Weight: 95g
Motor gear 0.5 mold 16 teeth material stainless steel
Suitable for OMGV2S extruder.
The normal use temperature is 80°C, the short-time limit can be 125°
Drive input voltage 0.6v max 1v
Compatible with 12-24V 3D motherboard
ASPINA JAPAN Made in China

About temperature:

Really high temperature stepper motors are super expensive,
Please pay attention to the high temperature motor-whether it is the expression of the limit temperature
Above a certain temperature, the magnetism of the motor will easily fade-demagnetize,
Reduce motor torque and service life,
The plastic shell and filament of the extruder will be softened when the temperature is above 80℃.
If your use environment is a high-temperature cavity-such as printing PEEK, etc.,
Need to install additional cooling system
MY3D team tested repeatedly
Indicators: quality, weight, torque, etc., cost performance, etc.
Final designation: Model 1080 Shinano Motor
0.9° step angle high precision precision motor
Support long-term stable operation
Of course you can also use an existing stepper motor

Two methods to modify volt

1/ Rotate the potentiometer to adjust. Phillips screws on the drive. Such as TMC2208, etc.


* When using a multimeter to measure the driving voltage, do not connect the motor
* Measure drive voltage Motherboard need Power on, non-ubs connection with PC

* Rotate counterclockwise + Vref
* Rotate clockwise -Vref
Power off the motherboard
Rotate the potential adjustment screw
Then power on the motherboard
Use a multimeter to measure voltage
Repeat the above steps-adjust to the correct voltage
Please note: Turn the potential screw to be sure to disconnect the motherboard power supply

2/ Firmware adjust A4988 driver

1/LCD screen enters the main menu to adjust (requires firmware support).
2/ The motherboard firmware refreshes the configuration file to adjust.
3/ After the host computer is connected, input the M code command

Installation manual for details

Or contact the 3D printer or motherboard supplier to modify the method



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