OPEN-SMART 328P DIY Pro ATmega328P Development Board Breakout Module

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This is high quality OPEN-SMART DIY board which is compatible for Arduino.

The development board based on ATMEGA328P.

It is great for beginners, students, training institutions.

Advanced Features:

– Onboard ATmega328P-PU has been burned for compatible bootloader;

– Onboard CH340 USB to UART module that you can upload code directly after install CH340 driver for your PC, compatible with win7, win8, linux, MAC OS;

– Onboard colorful pin headers are compatible;

– Onboard 1 Programmable LED which connect to D13;

– Onboard 28PIN-DIP socket so you can replace the ATmega328P-PU chip;

– The program, development environment IDE is compatible for Arduino.

– Microcontrollers: ATmega328P-PU

– Operating voltage: 5V

– IO interface logic voltage: 5V

– Operating Current: 500mA (max)

– Digital I / O pins: 14 (of which 6 can provide PWM output)

– Analog input pins: 6

– Clock frequency: 16MHz

– Onboard power indicator.

– Bootloader burning Interface: ICSP


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