Panucatt Devices Re-ARM Controller for RAMPS ReArm

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Inkl. 5x SD6128 + LCD Cable RRD Graphic LCD
Drivers: +5 SD6128 LCD Cable: For RRD Graphic LCD
RE-ARM is a 100Mhz, 32-bit ARM controller with the popular Arduino MEGA footprint. It’s a plug-in replacement for the Arduino Mega in your RAMPS setup for a quick and easy upgrade to 32-bit goodness.It runs the awesome Smoothieware firmware by Arthur Wolf.
What are the benefits of using Re-ARM?

  • More powerful processor. Faster feed rates!
  • Runs Smoothieware.
  • Easy configuration using a text file on SD card, no need to upload firmware every settings change
  • SD card appear as a drive in windows. Easy drag and drop new firmware or edit config file.
  • Capable of running smaller micro-step stepper drivers. Like the 1/128 micro-stepping SD6128 driver.
  • Available Ethernet RJ45 add-on Module
  • Run graphic LCDs with your Deltas without hiccups.
  • Run 2 SD cards, one for settings and firmware(on board) and the other for file loading (on LCD).
  • 5V tolerant pins, except for analog inputs which are at 3.3V
  • Filtered endstop inputs.
  • Able to run CNCs, Laser cutters and 3D printers.
  • Detailed Specs (running RAMPS)
    • 32-bit LPC1768 ARM processor
    • 100Mhz, 512kb Flash
    • mini B USB – Prototype photos shows USB B
    • 3.3V system voltage
    • 10-30V power supply input range, using Vin pin or barrel jack
    • 1 Heated bed, 2 Hotend Mosfet drivers
    • SD card slot for firmware upgrades and config file
    • 6 End stops, with filter and pull-ups
    • 3 thermistor inputs
    • Support SPI Displays like Viki2 and mini Viki(direct) and RRD Graphic LCD(adapter)
    • Support for I2C and parallel character LCDs using universal adapter by Jim Morris
    • Header breakout for Ethernet module (RJ45) daughter board.
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