Pi Zero Heatsink + thermal pads

125 kr

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Pi Zero 2 W Aluminum Heat Sink with SiliconeThermal Pad fo rRaspberry Pi Zero W

Aluminum Heatsink For Zero Series

Dedicated Aluminum Heatsink, Corrosion / Oxidation Resisting, Better Heat Dissipation

● Attaching to Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

● Attaching to Raspberry Pi Zero



Weight:0.028 kg

  1. Zero-HEATSINK x1
  2. Thermal tapes 3PCS x1
  3. Mini cross wrench sleeve x1
  4. Screwdriver x1
  5. Screws pack x1
Tailored For Raspberry Pi Zero Series

Matching With The Zero On Size And Mounting Holes, Fast Heat Dissipation

Using With Zero Boards
for reference only, Zero is NOT included.
Outline Dimensions
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