Power Line Carrier Module Distance

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KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module Distance for Arduino

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Functions: Intergrate the KQ-330F module and the external circuit carrier wave board without other coupled components,directly connected to the 220V AC. The max length of 1 frame continuous transmission ≤252 bytes,user can set from 1 to 252, and the module does not send redundant date. Power Frequency insulating withstand voltage:3000V 1min testing with AC and GND no breakdown,no leakage current. Anti-lightning:Inner panel TVS tube protection,not only the PCB circuit layout material selection but also the components selection are according to wide temperature,high withstand voltage and anti high pressure shock design. Features: Receiver sensitivity :≤1mV Out-of-band inhibition ability :≥ 60 dB Bandwidth:≤10 KHZ Insulation resistance:500V ≥500MΩ Power supply:DC +5V Reception:≤11mA Sent:≤230mA Working frequency: 120-135KHZ Interface baud rate: 9600bps Actual baud rate: 100bps Working tempreture:-25℃-70℃ Humidity:≤90%
KQ-130F power line carrier data transceiver module and microcontroller connection diagram (picture3)
KQ-130F power line carrier data transceiver module 9-pin RS232 port and PC connection diagram (picture4)
3-phase coupled reference circuit (last picture)

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