Step up module til 12V

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DC-DC 3.3V 5V 6V to 12V Step-Up Boost Voltage Converter Power


①Battery powered equipment

②Wirels mouse, Wireless keyboard

③ Network equipment,Router

④Camera, Video camera



⑦LED Lighting

⑧Wireless communication equipment

⑨MP3/MP4 player

⑩Audio equipment

 Module No.:  TB397
1 pcs step-up modules (input 3-6.8V , output 12V±5%  )

Input voltage DC 3 ~ 6.8V, output DC 12V

Long time maximum output current 3.5A(5V to 12V)

Short time maximum output current 5A(5V to 12V)

Input 3.3V 2A Output Current 12V 0.4A

Input 3.7V 3.7A Output Current 12V 0.9A
Input 5V 5A Output Current 12V 1.6A
 Input above 6V 5A Output Current 12V 2.1A
Attention :
1: Boost modules or buck module indicate the operating voltage, Please donot exceed operating voltage , or it will be damaged easily !
2: Automatic Adjustable Boost or Buck module has start voltage and limit working voltage!
3: Boost module output voltage can only be greater than or equal to input voltage, cannot be less than the input voltage!
4: Buck module input voltage must be higher than output voltage of 1.5V or 2V, otherwise it can not output enough power ,Please donot exceed them , or it will be damaged easily !
5: Cannot reverse polarity , or it will be short circuit, or will be  born easily !

This is a DC-DC voltage converter module,Must be noted when using:

1 Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range

2 Output power can not be greater than the maximum load for a long time

3 Input power must be greater than the output power, because the power consumption of the module itself
Packing list:
1 pcs step-up modules (input 3-6.8V , output 12V±5%  );
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