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Thick Glass Graduated Measuring Cylinder Set Glass With Two Brushes

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Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass.
The cylinders are particularly suitable for school science experiments because they are easy to use for any age group, and they can put up with the demands placed on them by enthusiastic young scientists.
The high quality of the glass and the ease of cleaning each cylinder after use with the included brushes means the Measuring Cylinder Set is designed for long-term use.
Simply clean the cylinders after every use, store them safely away, and you can continue to use them for as long as you need to and for as many experiments as you want.
When carrying out tests and experiments, you want to be able to trust your equipment completely. Not only are the cylinders in this set highly accurate down to the milliliter, but they are also made from tough lab-grade glass that is resistant to heat.
Apply to: The measuring cylinders are perfect for a wide range of settings, including professional laboratories, and they are particularly suitable for school science experiments due to their solid build and ease of use
Package Contents:
6*graduated cylinder
2*cleaning brush(With box)

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