Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44 5V programmer module

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Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44 ATTiny45 ATTiny85 USBTinyISP Programmer Module IDE Bootloader ISP Microcontroller 5V

USBtinyISP is designed for AVR ,based on USB connector’s ISP downloader.

Officially supported by for Arduino IDE and compatible usbtinyisp,we can burn for Arduino bootloader onto chips, and practically program any Atmel AVR microcontroller by this powerful AVR ISP programmer.
The Tiny ISP Programmer is able to provide the 5V power supply voltage to the board being programmed. If you want to power the board through the ISP you have to close the SJVCC jumper on the board.
With this programmer you can upload sketches and burn the bootloader on any AVR based boards, including for Arduinos. By uploading a sketch with an external programmer you can remove the bootloader and use the extra space for your sketch. The for Arduino ISP can also be used to burn the for Arduino bootloader, so you can recover your chip if you accidentally corrupt the bootloader. Burning the bootloader is also necessary when you use a new ATmega microcontroller in your for Arduino, and you wish to use the bootloader to upload a sketch via the USB-Serial connection.
Supports ATTiny45 and ATTiny85 chip for arduino programming,etc.
Supply voltage:5 V
Microcontroller:ATtiny44 (datasheet)
Connection with the computer:micro USB
Connection with the target board:ICSP
Board size:23x14mm(approx)
Connect the for Arduino ISP to your for Arduino board’s ICSP headers.
Make sure to match the orientation of the plugs by looking at the white dot on the corner of the connector
Open for Arduino IDE ,chose the hardware name downloaded in the»board»
Select the «USBtinyISP» under «Burn Bootloader» menu
Then bootlaoder begins to download and completed after 10 seconds(atmega328).
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