USB-C to 3.5mm jack aux audio dac cable silver 32bits 384khz

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Introduction to TODN type c to 3.5 aux cable

1. The cable is made of oxygen-free copper and silver-plated conductors. The signal loss is very low, the signal transmission is very stable, and the rich sound details can be retained, making you feel like you are on the spot.
2. Use the ALC5686 DAC decoder chip
3. The plug is made of pure copper, which can shield external signal interference and ensure that no noise is received at the welding place.
4. The cable uses a high-density silver-plated shielding net, so that the cable is not interfered by external signals, allowing you to enjoy clear music.
5. The outer layer is equipped with a cotton woven net to protect the cable and increase the service life
6. The cable can be used to connect Android phones, tablets, laptops and other devices with type c interface to car stereos, earphones, speakers, etc.

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