USB to UART TTL Serial Adapter Cable Module ch340

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5V CH340G USB to UART TTL Serial Adapter Cable Module for Arduino Pro Mini MA

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This is USB to serial module that is based on the CH340G. It comes with a beautiful case which is dust-proof, anti-static, ruggedness and it has a longer service life.It is commonly used to debug various TTL serial devices such as serial WIFI, serial MP3 and serial camera module, upgrade the firmware of routers, and burn program onto Arduino Pro Mini, LilyPad Arduino directly. Features: Operating Voltage: 5V. Logic Voltage: 5V. Pins output method: 5P dupont cable Serial baud rate: Up to 115200bps. Support USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0. USB to serial chip (CH340) supports XP, win7 / win8 32bits, 64bits, Linux,MAC USB cable length: 24cm

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