V6 Plated Copper hotend heatbreak block nozzle

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trianglelab V6 Plated Copper Kit NOZZLE + Heat BLOCK+ TC4 Titanium alloy Heat Break for PETG carbon fiber PEI PEEK ABS NYLON
0.6 V6 Plated C Kit
1 All features of the T-V6 nozzle are similar to those of the V6. The T-V6 model is a perfect replacement for the V6 nozzle. Its thread is M6. Can support PT100 V6 BLOCK. And support all series products. The nozzle has a higher face value. And more advanced manufacturing processes. I hope my customers can like it.
All nozzles are manufactured by German equipment through a number of complex processes. All of our nozzles have a separate model body. Each model requires drilling on the corresponding model body. The nozzles of other companies are uniform blank bodies that are then drilled directly by drill bits of different bore sizes. Doing so can result in incorrect nozzle specifications and very large errors in accuracy, which can seriously affect the performance of the printer. I am proud of the quality of our nozzles. Thanks to my customers for their support for me for so many years. March 25, 2019.
3 In fact, in March 2018 we started making copper-plated nozzles. Thank you very much for our German fans. They gave us a lot of encouragement and helped us test the nozzles. Initially, the copper plating process could not meet the standard, which made us very frustrated and it was difficult for us to maintain stable mass production. After a year of hard work, we can finally mass produce nozzles of this material. I hope my clients can write down the experience of using it, which will help us continue to improve this series. Make it more perfect. Thanks to my fans.
*Durable, non-stick, high temperature performance nozzles. This copper alloy is very temperature resilient, and will not start to soften or anneal until way beyond 500°C, making it perfect for the high-temperature 3D printing that other nozzles can’t handle. These nozzles are fully integrated into the V6 hotend,Titan extruder Hotend ,DDB extruder Hotend and are compatible with Prusa 3D printers
Product details:
These nozzles are engineered for ultimate high temperature performance. Made from a special high temperature copper-alloy with a softening point of well above 500°C, and with much-increased thermal conductivity these copper nozzles are perfect for high temperature applications, while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PLA, ABS and spoolWorks EDGE.
In addition to high temperature performance these nozzles have an advanced nickel based plating, considerably reducing the adhesion of plastic to the nozzle. This is great for everyday filaments keeping things clean and shiny, but is particularly important at temperatures above 300°C where a silicone sock can’t be used.
Copper has more than 3x the thermal conductivity of brass, and the copper alloy we use has been hardened and treated to reduce the oxidation that occurs in copper at high temperatures. The higher thermal conductivity will also slightly increase your heat-up times, and can provide tighter temperature control.
This copper-alloy is very temperature resilient, and will not start to soften or anneal until way beyond 500°C, making it perfect for the high-temperature printing that other nozzles can’t handle.
Compatible with V6 Hotend, Please click here to buy.
Compatible with V6 Heatsink, Please click here to buy.
Compatible with Titan Aero, Please click here to buy.
Compatible with Titan Aero Extruder, Please click here to buy.
Compatible with DDB Extruder Hotend, Please click here to buy.
Compatible with Apollo Extruder (Haven’t started selling yet, please be patient)
Compatible with DDE(Direct Drive Extruder), Please click here to buy.
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Trianglelab – V6 Plated Copper Nozzle       X 1

Trianglelab – V6 Plated Copper Heat Block X 1

Trianglelab – Tianium alloy Heat Break      X 1


We found that many customers do not know how to properly install the nozzle.
Remember the core issues in the installation process.
Just make sure your nozzle and HEAT BREAK front end are tight and sealed. Otherwise, the melted consumables will leak along the screw holes.

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Please enjoy the excellent quality of art.

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