Volcano heater messing blokk 0,4mm dyse silikonsokk

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Gjelder med svart Volcano hardened steel dyse 0,4mm og Brass heater block for volcano hotend, også med orange silicon hette
  • Compatible PT100 Thermistor Cartridge
  • The brass(H59) volcano heater block uses brass as a raw material for processing. It has very good thermal conductivity and can transfer heat quickly and evenly. Consumables are evenly heated and melt quickly, leaving no residual solid particles. Improve the print reliability of 3D printers.
  • Can be used in combination with Hardened steel volcano nozzles and Titanium alloy heat brea
Optional accessories
  • Titanium alloy heat break
  • Hardened steel volcano nozzle
package list
Brass volcano heater block X 1
Installation demonstration:
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