VU Meter Driver Board Tube Amp Chassis

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VU Meter Driver Board Tube Amp Chassis db Level Meter AC/DC 12-15V

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Description Features: Working Voltage:AC/DC 12-15V (A wide range of AC and DC operating voltage (recommended independent power transformer, or a separate power supply for the winding!) Rating Power:3W PCB Size:60*39mm Input signal: driver board provides two input signals, based on your situation, choose one! (Tip: If the back-end volume potentiometer, or the output of the amplifier takes the signal, the pointer will swing controlled by the volume potentiometer, the large volume pointer swing big, small volume small swing the pointer.) LOW, GND, LOW: This is a driver board the low level signal input terminals for connections are CD players, computer sound cards, the first stage, and other audio signal source device, wiring LOW, GND, LOW, respectively:left,groung,right channel HIGH, GND, HIGH: This is the driver board high-level signal input terminals for connections are attenuated after the amplifier circuit amplifies the power of the signal, the drive plate equipped, the amplifier output will be after high intensity level attenuation into driver IC, the attenuation circuit contains two HIGH terminals just mentioned resistors R2 and R3, when connected to the amplifier output terminal, driver board, respectively, then the two red binding post amplifier, power amplifier two black terminal , choose either a drive plate connected to the GND terminal Driver output: V +, V-, terminals: two 12V backlight power supply output terminal This is a driver board for the header backlighting, offer, please note that matches the light source and voltmeter to the positive and negative connections. +, -, Terminals: This is the drive plate drive the meter output terminals respectively connected to the «+» «two level meters -» terminal is connected to the positive and negative attention

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